Castle Phoenix Trust

"Leading, Learning and Excelling Together"

What is the Castle Phoenix Trust?

The Castle Phoenix Trust is a growing multi-academy trust which was founded in February 2013 on the success of the Caludon Castle Teaching School (the original trust member). Currently there are 3 schools within the Trust – Caludon Castle Teaching School (Coventry), Kingsbury Secondary School (Warwickshire) and Hill Farm Primary School (Coventry).

The ethos behind the Trust is one of sustainable school improvement through shared understanding and collaboration; and schools joining the Trust do so with the prime aim of improving each other so that they can all become outstanding schools. We want children to be the best they can be both academically and personally.


 “Our vision is to ensure that The Trust has well qualified staff, meets pupils’ individual needs; offers equal opportunities for all; encourages responsible citizenship; celebrates pupils’ strengths and achievements; develops positive behaviours for learning in a well ordered environment; promotes learning in a caring and supportive atmosphere; works in partnership with parents and all stakeholders including the wider community “

Trust working Values  

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Empowerment
  • Excellence

Key Aims                                                         

  • To support and challenge children and staff to achieve their best
  • To constructively, positively and collaboratively work with head teachers within the Trust to develop consistently outstanding practice
  • To share outstanding practice throughout the Trust
  • To identify strengths and EBIs based on in-depth knowledge of each school and to ensure that challenging and achievable targets are set
  • To ensure that staff within the academies understand the ethos and vision of the Trust and practice reflects this
  • To ensure that head teachers are seen as the leading professional in their schools and keep their autonomy
  • To ensure excellent provision for CPD including leadership development
  • To provide central services for finance, premise management, HR and governance to enable school leaders to focus on teaching and learning

Developing Leadership capacity to accelerate school transformation

The Trust specialises in ‘Leadership’. Leadership development underpins all of our work. We believe that most school processes - change, talent, teams, engagement, innovation, collaboration – stand or fall on the quality of leadership. All our leaders are unique and there is not an ideal character for leadership. We want all our leaders to develop emotional intelligence and deepen their knowledge skills and leadership attributes to be effective. We develop leadership capacity at every level, building self-awareness, confidence and initiative; we work with the talent that is in every school for future leadership and we support the development of a leadership culture. This includes developing student leaders.

The best future leaders are probably already in our schools. There is no better way to ensure our Trust stays effective than by challenging, nurturing and enabling our most talented staff

All schools within the Trust have access to the professional expertise and development opportunities offered by the Castle Phoenix Teaching School Alliance. This ever growing alliance also ensures that Trust partners have access to bespoke leadership development opportunities such as NPQH, NPQSL, NPQML and bespoke, and leadership programmes, as well as aspiring leaders course.